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Stories of Extraordinary Results from Elite Investors and Leaders

CEO, Hedge Fund

"Prior to working with Thomas, I was a self-confessed sceptic of 'executive coaching' as, like many, I had very little knowledge of what it truly is and what it could do for me and my business. My view was 'how is someone that doesn’t know anything about me or my company going to be of any use or benefit to me?'


Well I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Over the course of our engagement my entire perspective on life has changed for the better. From a professional perspective, Thomas helped me realise the amount of time I was spending worrying about things and speculating about future events, and how much better this capacity can be used focussing on the PRESENT. As a CEO my job is to always think ahead, plan for what's next, and to be on the lookout for obstacles. However, there is a huge difference between dwelling and worrying about potential obstacles vs. seeing them as just one of an infinite number of possibilities; thereby removing the self-imposed stress that worried thinking creates and achieving a more balanced, considered perspective along the way. Whether it be internal issues with employees or macro level concerns, my ability to navigate and execute with this new outlook has increased significantly.

The positive impact on my personal life has been of equal significance and importance. Learning to trust in the present and quit wasting time stressing over future 'ifs and buts' means that I am finally able to clear my mind and the 'work life cloud' that used to hang over into my personal life. Today, this happens naturally, without effort. Before meeting Thomas, I was always guilty of having work on my mind; be it evenings, weekends or even holidays, with some distorted belief that this is what a CEO SHOULD do to run a successful company. Nothing is further from the truth and this realisation has left me feeling so much more free and clear to get on with what's essential. Ironically by NOT thinking about work during down time, my performance at work has INCREASED.

Our coaching not only allowed me to navigate one of the most unexpected and difficult events of my life as a sudden ‘change of mind’ by the Gambling Commission meant I had to wind-up my business and handed money back to investors—but my resilience and performance during this period directly resulted in me landing my dream role as the CEO of my largest investor, a billion dollar Hedge Fund.

Thomas is incredible at what he does and his style is so compassionate and endearing. We quickly went from strangers to feeling comfortable discussing everything at a deep level. I couldn’t recommend working with him more highly as he will truly have a profound impact on how you perform and operate, he will totally transform your perspective on business and life.

COO, PE Backed Real Estate

"As Co-Founder and COO of a Private Equity-backed Real Estate company, working with Thomas has been transformational. Merging sharp understanding of the demands of private equity ownership with an engaging and inviting style, he gently challenged my view of the world  and made powerful distinctions that have transformed my performance as a leader our company’s trajectory.

I first met Thomas through group exercise classes and was attracted to him by his extraordinary energy and beaming smile. At our first session, I felt so at ease and understood by him that laid out all my concerns and challenges—personal and professional. Thomas provided immediate comfort, leading to a wave of relief. Instead of seeing problems to be addressed, he saw my strengths, potential and immediate easy wins. During the course of our work, my mind has been opened to the way in which I am always creating my view and experience of life, business, and the people around me. His unique approach has unlocked emotional intelligence and business breakthroughs, paving the way for financial success and a far more enjoyable life.

Whereas before I would bulldoze through situations, causing far more damage than good, these days I catch it and allow everything to settle before taking action. From this balanced mindset, invariably I know exactly what to do. This alone has had a profound impact in all areas of my life— helping me to be a better leader, make critical decisions, build better relationships, and relax and enjoy time with my family when I'm at home. It sounds so simple, but it has transformed my life. Thank you Thomas for finding me.

Director, Venture Capital

"I have spent years trying every mental health hack, methodology, clinical support, holistic support, and mindset training app going. Some have helped, others have not, and some have even made things worse. But none have felt easy. That was the difference when I first started working with Thomas. Unlike other methods that added tasks to my plate, my conversations with Thomas unlocked an innate clarity within me which paved the way for rapid progress. I arrived at every session feeling like I'd found something different, something that wasn't so simple, something that would really have to be 'worked on.'  Regardless, every time I left with a profound sense of relief and joy. Some days, it felt as if I was seeing the world through entirely new eyes. 


In addition to feeling a sense of joy at random times—an experience I never thought possible without something external—our work has allowed me to just show up and be me; to not worry about everything; to do my work and be happy with it, rather than stressing over it all being perfect; to contribute and speak up authentically, rather than saying what I think people want to hear; and to just get shit done. I enjoy work and life more, I don't take things so personally, and I trust myself and my abilities—and what has surprised me is that I actually perform better as a result!


This newfound energy and confidence resulted in me finding my dream role as a Director in a global firm—a feat previously unimaginable to me. In a world of complexities, Thomas guided me to simple truths that make everything I do better, easier and more enjoyable."

CEO, VC Backed Tech Firm

"Partnering with Thomas was critical for both my leadership and my company's survival. As a CEO of a VC-backed tech firm, I grappled with imposter syndrome and was teetering on the brink of burnout. When I was introduced to Thomas by one of my investors, he provided a palpable sense of ease and freedom. His profound insights and simple distinctions challenged my deeply-rooted beliefs, allowing me to find the clarity and self-assurance I needed to navigate difficult corporate and investor politics, make decisive choices, and rally my team in a demoralising period where we were suffering setbacks and key departures.


Our work helped me overcome my personal barriers, and was instrumental in me having the energy and zeal to successfully raise another round of capital—raising 20% more than we targeted—and lead the company to back to hitting key milestones. Thanks to Thomas's invaluable coaching, I lead with authenticity and self-belief. I trust myself and my decisions, I have better relationships than ever before, and I feel like I am growing everyday. Logically, our company culture and financial results reflect this. Thomas is a catalyst for leaders seeking a more effective and inspiring way to be in the world—whatever your business, this cannot fail to create profitable long-term results. When so much is at stake, having Thomas in your corner is a real game-changer."

Partner, Strategy Consulting

"When I first met Thomas on a hiking trip I suffered from anxiety, which manifested into severe health problems. Sensing my need to talk, he calmly provided the empathy and space I needed to delve into a complex tale full of intricate workplace and personal politics.


In the six months that followed, I was at a pivotal juncture in my career with important decisions to be made. Thomas’s coaching helped me see the situation clearly and make these tough decisions with confidence.

In terms of approach, each session was tailored to my unique challenges and always focused on returning me to balance and supporting my strategic-decision making.


 Thomas's genuine commitment to my growth stood outI found he truly believes in supporting others.Our conversations during that time sparked insights that helped me navigate through a political maze and into an exciting new phase of my career. Years later, I remain grateful Thomas and I met. The clarity and realisations he unlocked remain a large part of my growth. He truly is a life changing coach!"

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