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Unlocking Your Natural Brilliance for Results that Exceed Conventional Expectations

Extraordinary Results: Success Stories that Defy Convention 

The Woodland Coaching Approach

Our methodology is rooted in unveiling the immeasurable potential within. The depth of transformation we facilitate often transcends initial expectations, leading to outcomes our clients hadn't even dreamt of. This is the essence of Woodland Coaching, where perceived boundaries are merely the starting point for our conversations.

Beyond All Expectations: From Seeking Balance to Leading a Multi-Billion Dollar Hedge Fund 


Nick, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, ventured into uncharted waters when he left his esteemed position to set up his own sports betting business.


Nick aspired to decrease his stress levels and be more present at home. But as we delved into the coaching sessions, it became evident that he had bound his self-worth to the success of his venture, feeling that failure would tarnish his reputation irreparably. This belief not only strained his professional life but also impacted his personal connections.


In our inaugural session, we explored the boundless opportunities life offers and how the most valuable ones often appear unexpectedly. As Nick acknowledged the truth of this and the self-created nature of his stress, a transformation began.


Free of the unnecessary pressure he had been imposing on himself, a sense of excitement took over as Nick's source of motivation. Without the need for tactics or strategies, he naturally evolved into a leader exuding trust, balance, and keen insights. This newfound clarity and energy not only allowed him to make decisive personnel changes while enhancing the overall team's productivity and performance through a more hands-off approach, but also made Nick himself more effective in his role.


Nick's transformation surpassed our original objectives. Not only did he become a more centred, energetic individual, but he also emerged as an impactful and magnetic leader. And the story doesn't end here. When uncontrollable regulatory challenges forced Nick into the heart-breaking decision to wind-up his business, he navigated the crisis with unparalleled grace.​This caught the eye of his largest investor, a billion-dollar Hedge Fund. Recognising his remarkable leadership during adversity, the fund's founders offered him the CEO position in their business—the role of which he had always dreamt.


Today, Nick helms the Hedge Fund, confidently managing over a billion in assets, with an unwavering dedication to both his professional and personal pursuits. This profound journey underscores the unforeseeable and exponential benefits of our coaching sessions.

Turning the Tide: From Professional Setback and Self-Doubt to Director in a Global VC firm


Sarah, once a thriving investment banker, experienced a daunting year-long hiatus, wrestling with escalating anxiety and eroding confidence.


While Sarah was driven to reignite her career trajectory, she grappled with two main challenges. First, the clarity on the exact role she envisioned for herself remained elusive. Second, pervasive doubts about her capabilities shadowed her every step, making the task seem daunting.


Our initial coaching sessions were dedicated to unearthing Sarah's genuine passions and crystallising a direction for her career pursuits. As we spoke, Sarah's doubts and limiting beliefs surfaced. We took a step back to explore a fundamental truth: that all of our experiences are created from the inside-out by our in-the-moment thinking.


This insight led to profound discussions about Sarah's built-in strengths and qualities that express effortlessly when unobstructed by self-doubt. Instead of inundating Sarah with tasks or pushing structured methodologies, we streamlined her journey, allowing her newfound clarity to be her compass. With each interaction, Sarah emerged more rejuvenated, gaining clarity and exuding a radiant joy.


This metamorphosis was tangible. In a matter of months, Sarah carved a niche for herself as a Venture Capital investor at a premier European Fund. The pinnacle of her transformation shone through during a networking event where a senior investor from a large VC firm was captivated by Sarah's articulate insights and her invigorating spirit.



The result was an offer that was hard to resist: a position as Director in their UK office with remuneration multiple times her prior earnings. Yet, with her horizons expanded and vision emboldened, Sarah aspired for a unique blend she had always dreamt of: a role bridging California and the UK. The firm didn't just entertain her request, they embraced it.

Today, Sarah is thriving in her dream position, working at a firm she deeply respects, championing businesses she's passionate about, enjoying compensation way beyond her  expectations, and splitting her time between two of her favourite places.

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