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Inspire greatness. Avert disasters. Unlock sustained peak performance.

Ready for this transformation in only 60-days?

The 1-1 Elite Program delivers it.

The 60-Day Elite Performance Program

You are among the top 1.0% of professionals, potentially the top 0.1%, and your ambitions soar even higher. Much like a Formula One driver, every decision at this level can either lead to a catastrophic crash at 180mph or become the most celebrated manoeuvre of your career.

Thomas's personalised 60-Day Elite Performance Program equips top investors and founders like you with a proven system to inspire greatness and avert costly failures, thereby enabling you to sustain peak performance. You'll fine-tune your alignment and master the subtle nuances that distinguish the world's best performers in the alternative investment industry and beyond.

Each month, Thomas carefully selects a few individuals into his one-to-one 'bootcamp,' designed to maximise your return on investment as efficiently as possible. This program not only provides solutions to immediate challenges but also sets the foundation for elevated success.

Consider the potential impact of an unforeseen disaster on your firm, both financially and reputationally. Are you ready to mitigate these risks while igniting consistent, elite performance?

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What makes Thomas's coaching system different?

Traditional coaching typically employs an action-based, externally focused view of reality, without understanding how our realities and problems are created and perpetuated in our own minds.

In contrast, Thomas's coaching system delves deeper by uncovering the extraordinary power of the human mind. His clients discover their role as the sole architect of their life experience and see how their results are always the perfect reflection of their own mind-made creation.

By understanding the underlying mechanics of how reality, problems, and outcomes are generated, Thomas's clients rediscover their immense power and quickly transition from accidental to masterful creators.

While traditional coaching seeks to address specific issues individually with effort and action, Thomas's clients experience profound shifts in perception that simultaneously transform multiple areas of life and business. Inspired actions and breakthrough results emerge naturally and effortlessly given the newfound freedom and clarity they operate from.

Are you ready to become masterful in all areas of your leadership and business?

Thomas knows your world. He lived it.

Thomas's Elite Performance Coaching Program draws upon his extensive background in alternative investments. Throughout his career, Thomas completed private equity deals exceeding $5 billion. Despite his professional success and the affluent lifestyle it afforded him, he found himself in the throes of a profound personal crisis.

This crisis led to a pivotal realisation: he was not experiencing his ACTUAL life, he was experiencing his thinking ABOUT his life.


This insight helped him break free from the deceptive and mesmerising 'outside-in' myth that dominates our world, and into the 'inside-out' nature of reality. Astonished by the dramatic and immediate transformation this brought to his life, Thomas was inspired to encapsulate this revelation into a simple yet powerful coaching system.

The foundation of Thomas's system rests on the realisation of three universal truths:

  1. You can be, or do, or have anything

  2. You are the sole creator of your own life experience

  3. You get what you think about, whether you like it or not

By realising and embodying these principles, Thomas’s clients step off the psychological treadmill, transcend their unconscious limitations, and reclaim mastery over their life experience, vital relationships and business results.

This sharpened clarity not only safeguards clients against potential disasters but also enhances their ability to discern and seize upside opportunities, fundamentally transforming every aspect of their high-octane lives. 

Are you ready to inspire greatness throughout your organisation?

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A proven system for sustained growth

In their journey towards their unique objectives, Thomas’s clients experience continual elevation, each level unlocking greater possibilities and enhancing their zest for life and business.

Mastery of these fundamental dynamics ignites growth and transformation in both individual lives and entire businesses.

Since 2019, Thomas has diligently explored this profound system, dedicating over 10,000 hours and investing more than $250,000 to become an expert in the hidden human variable that is so critical to business and investment success. His ongoing partnership with driven, talented clients facilitates breakthroughs that consistently enrich both his knowledge and approach.

Thomas’s insights have guided leaders and teams from prestigeous organisations including Goldman Sachs, Citi, HSBC, Permira, Federated Hermes, CD&R, Amazon, and Uber, delivering transformations that far surpass their initial expectations.


Through continuous refinement, his coaching system has evolved into a robust methodology. This same system is what he shares with clients in his Elite Performance Program, empowering them to inspire greatness, avert unforeseen crises, and sustain peak performance in any situation.

The new paradigm in 'human technology'

Thomas's coaching system represents the new paradigm in unlocking the incredible potential of the inbuilt human technology.

Historically, paradigm shifts in understanding fundamental principles have revolutionised various fields and significantly advanced human development. Notable examples include the recognition of the Earth as a spherical planet orbiting the Sun and the identification of germs as the true cause of disease.

The new paradigm of how the human mind creates reality from 'inside-out' is poised to be equally transformative. It is redefining our understanding of who we truly are and our role as powerful, independent creators. This promises to be the most significant shift of our era, crucial to the evolution and survival of both our species and our planet. It is also The Undiscovered Competitive Advantage in Business.

Typical leadership outcomes include:

  • Heightened creativity and inspiration

  • Natural resilience and wellbeing

  • Visionary leadership and decision-making

  • Harmonious relationships

  • Disaster prevention and crisis management

Typical organisation outcomes include:

  • Enhanced team spirit and high employee engagement

  • Inspired ideas and breakthrough results

  • Avoid wasting resources on misdiagnosed problems

  • Reduced employee turnover and associated costs

  • Resilience and wellbeing replace sick days and burnout

Are you ready to be an early adopter of the 'human technology' and secure your position as a market leader?


What is The Elite Performance 60-Day Coaching Program?

While advancing you towards your personal and professional aspirations, Thomas's one-to-one 'bootcamp' is meticulously designed to inspire greatness, avert potential disasters, and unlock sustained peak performance.

Step 1: Dicovery call

Begin by scheduling a 30-minute discovery call using a link on this webpage, and complete the confidential intake form.

Thomas will set the agenda before swiftly assessing your current position, objectives, and challenges. If it's not the right fit, he will promptly direct you to a suitable expert, saving your time.

If the fit is right, the discussion will focus on what an inspiring future looks like for you. Thomas will evaluate his ability to help you overcome the challenges in your way and, if certain, will propose a tailored solution. You are then welcome to ask any questions to ensure clarity and alignment.

Step 2: Tailoring your program

Understanding your internal motivations is crucial. Upon joining the program, you will complete an Enneagram personality test and add to your confidential intake form. This information helps Thomas customise the Elite Performance Program to leverage your unique strengths and address your specific challenges.

Step 3: Defining your vision

Clarify what success TRULY means to YOU. Whether it's leading a top firm like KKR, Sequoia, or Bridgewater, changing the world by surpassing tech giants like Google, or launching your own venture and remote working from the Caribbean, the key is authenticity and passion. Through the program, you will discover a vision that resonates so deeply that you are inspired you to greatness. 


Step 4: The transformation journey

With a clear direction, Thomas will help you identify thought patterns and false premises that hinder your progress and keep you stuck in stagnant energy. Your conversations will transform your perspective and ignite ambition, directly leading to preferred actions and outcomes

Step 5: New responses to old challenges

As familiar challenges arise, they become opportunities to apply new insights and ways of being. This program teaches you to handle life's tests with newfound clarity, helping you thrive through the most severe personal and economic upheavals.

Step 6: Visible results

As you embody and apply what you learn, those around you will notice significant changes in you which will open doors to previously unseen opportunities. This marks a pivotal moment in realising the tangible benefits of your newfound vitality.

Step 7: Integration

By the end of the program, you will have internalised your new insights and rediscovered a natural enthusiasm that you forgot you possess. This will enable you to navigate challenges with clarity and sound judgment. You'll be masterful at gracefully sidestepping crises and maintaining peak performance.

Step 8: Creating your future

With an expanded perspective and new possibilities at your fingertips, you and Thomas will transition to an ongoing coaching relationship focused on strengthening your foundation as a masterful creator and achieving your unique vision. Thomas offers a variety of tailored coaching options to best suit your needs and objectives.

Ready to transform your life and career in just 60 days?

What's included in The Elite Program?

Discovery call: Complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your challenges and determine if Thomas can provide a solution.

Pre-Program Review:  Discover your Enneagram type and complete a goals/challenges questionnaire. This sets the foundation for your personalised program.​​

Kick-off Half-Day Immersion: Dive into the obstacles keeping you from accomplishing your goals. Make key distinctions that immediately release resistance and unlock growth.

Weekly One-on-One Coaching:  Eight sessions that catalyse your transformation and advance you towards your goals.

Ongoing Support: Stay connected through WhatsApp for ad-hoc coaching between weekly sessions. 

Completion Half-Day Immersion: Synthesise your insights from the program. Explore your expanded vision. Clarify next steps to  continue your growth and sustain peak performance.

Online Efficiency: All sessions are delivered by Thomas over Zoom, including immersions which are up to four hours.


What results can you expect?

This 60-Day program isn't about you making massive external changes in your life and business — it's about a transformation in how you see and experience them.

Peak performance:  Thomas designed this 60-day program to unlock clarity and inspiration in any situation, enabling you thrive under pressure and avert potential disasters. You'll learn how to do this without having to turn your life, routine and business upside down.

Clarity of vision: Throughout this program, you will explore new dimensions of freedom and possibility, guiding you to a clearer and more precise vision for your future. Just as you would set your GPS with the desired destination before a long journey, this program ensures you know where you're going, and why.


Key advantage vs. traditional coaching:  Unlike traditional coaching which advocates immediate action, this program ensures you don't waste valuable resources chasing solutions to illusory problems. By grounding you in the universal principles of how you create your own reality, it provides the essential foundation for building an extraordinary career and business.

Achieving your vision:  With this foundation of clarity, you'll be well-equipped to create an inspiring legacy without the struggle. To support your continued growth, you and Thomas will transition into one of his ongoing coaching options, ensuring you unlock your full potential and realise your unique vision.


Are you ready to have a whole new experience life, without making unnecessary external changes?

What Thomas's clients say about his coaching...


CEO, Hedge Fund

Thomas’s coaching was not only critical to me navigating one of the most difficult and unexpected events of my life as I was forced to wind-up my business and hand money back to investors — but my resilience and performance during this period directly resulted in me landing my dream role as the CEO of my largest investor, a billion dollar Hedge Fund.


I couldn’t recommend working with Thomas more highly. He will have a profound impact on how you perform and operate and totally transform your perspective on business.


Director, Venture Capital

In addition to feeling a sense of joy at random times — an experience I never thought possible without something external — our work has allowed me to just show up and be me; to not worry about everything; to do my work and be happy, rather than stressing over it being perfect; to contribute and speak up authentically, rather than saying what I think people want to hear; and to just get shit done.


I enjoy work and life more, I don't take things so personally, and I trust myself and my abilities — and what has surprised me is that I actually perform better as a result!


Partner, Private Equity

After working with Thomas I see the world through entirely new eyes. Early on, his  refreshing energy gave me a valuable lift in my stressful and busy schedule. However, guided by Thomas's powerful distinctions, I soon came to see that this passion and warmth is available to me too. In fact, it's available to everyone.

To quote the old Ronseal advert, our work did 'exactly what it said on the tin.' It has enabled me to operate in the same high-pressure role with significantly less stress. I make better decisions and fewer mistakes. My personal relationships are richer and I enjoy work and life more than ever. It has been a fantastic return on investment.


Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund


In our initial conversations, Thomas promised me that our work would allow me to maintain emotional balance regardless of market and economic volatility. Although I could see the incredible value in this, I was sceptical of if/how it could be achieved.

The answer is very simply. This is because there are some fundamental truths about life that most people, especially intellectual types like me, have no idea about. In the context of real life challenges, Thomas has a wonderful way of inviting a deeper exploration of what's really going on 'behind the scenes.' Our work has resulted in me being a more balanced and intelligent version of myself in all areas of life, the value of which compounds endlessly.


Co-Founder, PE Backed

As co-founder and COO of a private equity-backed company, working with Thomas has been transformational. Merging sharp understanding of the demands of private equity ownership with an engaging and inviting style, he challenged my view of the world and made powerful distinctions that have transformed my performance as a leader and our company’s trajectory.


His unique approach has unlocked emotional intelligence and business breakthroughs, paving the way for financial success and a far more enjoyable life. Thank you Thomas.


Founder, VC Backed Tech

Engaging with Thomas was critical for both my leadership and my company's survival. As a Founder of a VC-backed tech firm, I grappled with imposter syndrome and was teetering on the brink of burnout. When I was introduced to Thomas by one of my investors, he provided a palpable sense of ease and freedom.


Thomas is a catalyst for leaders seeking a more effective and inspiring way to be in the world — whatever your business, he will help you create profitable long-term results. When so much is at stake, having Thomas in your corner is a real game-changer.


Partner, PE Advisory

When I first met Thomas, I was grappling with severe stress that was negatively affecting my health and relationships. Thomas's genuine commitment to my success truly stood out.


His keen insights and passion for helping others enabled me to navigate through a complex political landscape and transition into an exciting new phase of my career. Our collaboration not only altered the trajectory of my life but years later, I continue to reap the benefits. Thomas is a life-changing coach and I remain incredibly grateful for his guidance.


CEO, PE Backed

As CEO of a PE-backed company, I've experienced firsthand how Thomas helps stressed out executives fall back in love with their lives and businesses, enabling them to be more intelligent, resilient, and effective everywhere. This transformation opens doors to previously inaccessible opportunities.


His coaching has revitalised our leadership team, fostering a culture of growth and resilience that directly impacts our bottom line. Partnering with Thomas was one of the best decisions for our company's future. 


Get started by scheduling your complimentary discovery call

Begin by scheduling a 30-minute discovery call using the link below, and complete the confidential intake form.

Thomas will set the agenda before swiftly assessing your current position, objectives, and challenges. If it's not the right fit, he will promptly direct you to a suitable expert, saving your time.

If the fit is right, the discussion will focus on what an inspiring future looks like for you. Thomas will evaluate his ability to help you overcome the challenges in your way and, if certain, will propose a tailored solution. You are then welcome to ask any questions to ensure clarity and alignment.

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